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Engaging in a real estate transaction can make you nervous, and with good reason. Most involve lots of red tape and if you do one thing wrong, it could be enough to wreck the deal. The good news is that you don't have to go it alone!  You can contact the highly experienced Real Estate Broker Eric Habib in New York to mitigate risks and get everything done right. Whether you are a buyer, seller, landlord or tenant, we are dedicated to assisting our clients every step of the way and to answering all of your real estate questions. We believe in personalized attention and in listening to our clients' needs. We understand that any real estate transaction can be stressful and emotional, and we strive to ensure that our clients understand and are comfortable with the process. We follow a strict code of ethics and strive for professionalism in every transaction.


You need a Real Estate Broker who knows Real Estate 

Real estate is very specific to the local area in which your transaction is set to occur. That is why you need a broker on your side with extensive experience in Long Island and New York City real estate transactions, including the following:

  • Foreclosures

  • Short Sales

  • Loan Modifications

  • Contracts and other paperwork preparation

Contact Eric Habib today, close your real estate deal tomorrow!

Real estate deals often hit “bumps” that keep them from running smoothly from beginning to end. Maybe it's an unexpected environmental issue. Or another developer can try to move in on your deal. Whatever the problem, Eric Habib will help you solve it. Contact Eric today at (516) 874-5936 and receive the guidance and solid representation you need to close your deal!


Let us help you STOP Foreclosure!

If you are facing foreclosure, then you need to act quickly. The key is to get an experienced person who understands the laws and how to stop a foreclosure on your side immediately.

You need an expert who knows how the lending laws work in YOUR favor, and how to negotiate with your lender so you can avoid a foreclosure!

Let us help you, send us an email now, or call us, and we will contact you right away.

NOTE: Any information you provide to us is completely confidential, and our services are FREE to you!



  • Walk Away From Your Property Owing Nothing

  • Avoid Foreclosure

  • Save Your Credit

  • Receive Up to $30,000 for Relocation Expenses

We handle the entire short sale process from start to finish and our services are 100% free - we will never charge you anything out of your pocket. Eric Habib is recognized as being one of the best in New York when it comes to short sales. We handle short sales in New York on any type of property, including single family houses, condos/townhouses, land, multi-family properties and even commercial buildings.

Imagine not having to worry about the monthly payments, the stress, the debt, or the burden. You can start fresh! Before you know it, you’ll be returning to purchase a new property.

You may even qualify to receive money for moving expenses!

If you owe more on your property than what it’s worth, contact us today! A short sale could be the answer you’ve been looking for. Short selling allows you to walk away from a property regardless of what is owed to the lender - all without a foreclosure. The short sale process can even satisfy additional liens on your property (tax liens, 2nd loans, judgments, etc).

Let us HELP you, send us an email, or call us, and we will contact you right away.

NOTE: Any information you provide to us is completely confidential, and our services are FREE to you!